As of now (November 2020), only a single prototype Patchouli Device exists -- the one that created the videos and images on this site. I'd put a photo here, but frankly there isn't a lot to see. Picture a rectangular box measuring about five inches left to right, three and a half inches front to back, and two inches top to bottom with a rotary controller knob sticking up out of the top, and two wires emerging from the rear of the box (one for the power cable / wall wart, the other for the HDMI cable for connecting to the display), and you will have the basic idea.

After buiding and testing the initial prototype I had planned to experiment with different case materials, shapes, and construction methods, and then to build a number of units and shop them around to potential vendors. This was back in January of this year, and then along came the Covid-19 pandemic and those plans got put on hold, where they remain, at least for the time being.

I hope to eventually build a least a few more devices to give to friends who've expressed a desire to own one. However, given the current state of everything going on in the U.S. today, I don't know when (or even if) I'll be building any for sale to the general public, or even if enough demand exists to make the attempt worthwhile. For now, I am going to stay hunkered down in quarantine, and continue creating and posting new videos as often as possible. Composing and recording the audio for these videos is fun but extremely time-consuming. Still, I hope to get a new one out at least every couple of weeks.)