SpinGrid: Variations on a Theme

The images on this page are all variations on a simple algorithm: Draw a grid of shapes, rotating each shape in place. For each image, the algorithm randomly chooses: (a) the number of grid rows and columns, (b) the shape to be drawn (rectangle, triangle, or ellipse), (c) the size of each shape, (d) the colors and transparencies for filling the shapes and drawing their edges, (e) the color of the image background, (f) the number of degrees that each shape in the grid is rotated at a time, and (g) the number of times to repeat the rotation.

This series of images was created using Processing / Eclipse in 2016. Click any thumbnail to open a larger image in a new window or tab.

Intended to be used for giclée prints, the original images have a resolution of 5400 x 3600 pixels, allowing them to be printed as large as 18 x 12 inches with a 300 dpi resolution. These have been reduced here to 1080 x 720 pixels for display on this site.

All images are Copyright © 2020 Davie Cooley and may be viewed and/or downloaded for personal, non-commercial use. Additionally, permission to link to these images is given provided that the linking page properly attributes authorship and clearly identifies this page as the source of the work.